What do my frogs eat and how often do I feed them?

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Besides cheeseburgers and onion rings, the diet for the frogs includes blood worms and brine
shrimp. In order to keep your EcoAquarium clean, however, it is best to feed them our own
Wild Creations food pellets, which include all of the nutrients and protein the little frogs need.
Our pellets do not, however, include any parts of cheeseburgers or onion rings. (Note: your
frogs do not really eat cheeseburgers and onion rings. The writer of this information was just
hungry at the time).
African dwarf frogs do not require much food to live comfortably. Our recommended weekly
feeding is two pellets per frog, twice per week (four total pellets per frog per week). Our
experience has shown that feeding each frog two total pellets, twice per week, assures that
there is plenty of food for even the non-aggressive frogs to eat. You can feed them more
often, and you may indeed even feed them more pellets, but the frogs may eat too much and
get sick, and the more they are fed, the faster your EcoAquarium will become soiled. The
interesting thing about amphibians is that if you miss a feeding, then you need not worry too
much, as they are able to survive up to a week or more without food. Much like most diets,
they may complain about the rationing, but they will thank you in the end for feeding them
only what they need.


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