Our Commitment to Animal Care

Wild Creations believes it is our responsibility to promote the health, well being and humane treatment of animals. We must do the right thing as a Company and as individuals to ensure animal well-being. We must consistently deliver safe, skillful, and compassionate care to all animals entrusted to us. While animals are in our care, we constantly monitor their health and well-being; beginning with regular checks duringbusiness hours conducted according to guidelines created by experts.

Wild Creations staff must share and support our animal care objectives and demonstrate genuine respect and concern for animals and their proper care. Any associate who engages in behavior constituting neglect, mistreatment, cruelty, or abuse of anyanimal will be subject to immediate discipline, up to and including separation from employment. This includes neglect, mistreatment, cruelty, or abuse of any animal on or off Wild Creations premises.

In our commitment to promoting the twowithgravel.pngwelfare of animals, Wild creations provides customers with Care Sheets that outline basic animal care information, including the type and size of habitat recommended for the animal, and the animal’s social, and nutritional needs.  


Wild Creations strives to maintain clean & humane conditions in our production facility. To insure this, we have retained the services of Laurel E. Berger-Bishop, DVM, MS from the Animal Hospital of South Carolina, to serve as our staff veterinarian.

We further submit the following letter we have recieved from Dr. Berger-Bishop; pdf vetletterwildcreations 



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