Know Your Aquatic Frogs

Aquatic frogs have been bred in captivity and sold in the USA for well over 40 years. Tens of millions of frogs have provided countless households and families with the wonderful joy of pet ownership. As any frog owner knows, they are wildly fun to keep as pets, and aside from a great deal of love, they require very little attention.

Like any live animal, there are handling guidelines for the African dwarf frogs you should know about. In general, always follow handling practices similar to that of other pets and as strict as handling raw vegetables. Following these guidelines will minimize the introduction of foreign diseases that could be harmful for the frogs or for you.

  • Always wash your hands before and after handling the EcoAquarium, accessories or food – This is to protect both you and your frogs from harm.

  • Do not remove or handle the Aquatic frogs – As cute and adorable as they are, they are completely aquatic and cannot live long out of water.

  • Do not introduce new objects to the EcoAquarium unless they are cleaned and disinfected, and never introduce foreign substances or live food – Wild Creations Frog Food or another dry food mix is all that is needed.

  • Do not allow small children, the elderly or individuals with weakened immune systems to handle the habitat – This is good advice for any live animal.

  • Do not keep Aquatic frogs and their habitats in bedrooms of children 5 years old or younger – You never know what a young child will do when you aren’t looking!

  • Do not keep Aquatic frogs in kitchens and other areas where food and drink is prepared or served – This is true for any live animal … yuck!

  • Do not clean habitats and its contents or dispose of habitat water in sinks or tubs used for food preparation, obtaining drinking water or bathing, and clean and disinfect surfaces that come in contact with habitat water – Play it safe as you would with any live animal or raw vegetable!

  • In general, applying common sense when dealing with aquatic frogs and following proper handling guidelines will minimize issues and maximize the enjoyment of your new pet!

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