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Don't Kiss a Frog!

A cautionary tale for princesses everywhere, this CDC Kidtastics podcast discusses the danger of reptiles and amphibians carrying and spreading Salmonella and how to prevent infection.

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Handling Amphibians & Reptiles

Direct from the folks who'd know, your tax dollars is at work in the form of advice direct from the Centers for Disease Control.

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Feel free to explore our ever- growing list of Frequently Asked Questions! 


Know your Aquatic Frogs

Knowing how to handle an aquatic animal is very important. This article offers great safety guidelines for our frogs, as well as any aquatic animal.

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African Dwarf Frog Facts

They don't know the words but they sure can hum. This and more little tidbits of information about our web-footed friends can be found right here...

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EcoAquarium™ Care Guide

You've had your EcoAquarium for a while, but you've misplaced the guide that came with it.  Are you glad we have a version you can view online?

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EcoAquarium™ Facts

You'll be a Trivia jedi master as EcoAquariums™ are concerned after a quick review of all these neat EcoAquarium™ Facts!

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