Anchormom likes our Classic EcoAquarium

classic300x300.jpg San Diego's Anchormom Kathleen Bade presented a number of great gift ideas just before the holidays, one was the Classic EcoAquarium . Thanks to Jennifer Rosson, Kathleen Bade, and San Diego's Fox 5 WSWB TV for the wonderful segment.

The EcoAquarium on The Today Show

EcoAquarium Award Winning GiftLaurie Schacht of showcased Hot Holiday Gifts under $50. Our EcoAquarium™ fits that perfectly.

EcoAquarium on ABC News


Lori Schacht of The Toy Insider brought an EcoAquarium on ABC News Now You Know with Meg Oliver. Lori presented the EcoAquarium as one of this years hottest toys.Toy Insider is a authoritative source for the Toy Industry. 

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