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Kids love things that they can collect and trade with their friends. Whether it's a toy that everyone must have or an accessory that they can wear to school, kids want to be part of the latest trends. The latest accessory trend is FlipoutzREAD MORE




momtrendbanner.jpgWild Creations sent us one amazing project--FROGS! We've been hosting two adorable frogs from Wild Creations. They shipped and EcoAquarium to us a few weeks ago and are still going strong. We feed them, watch them and talk to them. My girls are getting mighty attached to these little dudes... (Read More)

Mommy of 1

button.jpgWe have a lot of pets. Since we'll be homeschooling I think this is great for Avery to see how different animals live and what they need. We have a 47 gallon fish tank with 30 fish in it. 7 Hermit Crabs (yes, Jon got 2 more), Avery has 1 fish in her room, we have 2 dogs and NOW we're the proud owners of Dora and Minnie the Frogs from Wild Creations. (Read More)


125story.gif...So while I cannot cuddle up with Facebook and Twitter the frogs, I do feel like kissing these frogs for being such princes of stress free pets.It was quite a scene at our house the day they arrived. Half the neighborhood came over to watch us assemble the EcoAquarium and to give Twitter and Facebook a warm homecoming. (Read More)


sophistishebutton.pngFor Jayden’s 2nd birthday, we were sent some friends; not quite doggies, but African Dwarf Frogs. Unlike fish, there are fewer variables to maintain when caring for African Dwarf Frogs. They are extremely easy to care for and almost impossible to croak. The live gravel and bamboo plant included in the Classic EcoAquarium provides a natural environment for the frogs. They only have to be fed four pellets twice a week and the springwater has to be changed every three months. I actually changed the water this morning and the little guys are still chillin’... (Read More)


hulabutton.pngWhen thinking of a family pet, how often do you think of a frog? Not often, right? I can't tell you how many times we have tried fish. While they are pretty and fun to watch, they sure can be a hassle and a mess at times. And who usually gets stuck cleaning up after the family pet? That's right, Mom & Dad! Usually they don't last long either - at least in our house they didn't. (Read More)

flying giggles & lollypops

flyinggigglesbutton1-1.jpgTwo kids, one husband and myself, a stay-at-home mom that works. I might not get paid in monetary terms, but I do get plenty of hugs and kisses for everything I do in our household. Adding to my responsibilities is something I am not interested in - at the moment.

Pets are fun, I get it, I know because while I was growing up we practically had a zoo - dogs, lizards, snakes, birds, hamsters, turtles, fish. My oldest brother worked at a pet store so he was always coming home with some type of pet. I want my girls to experience the same, I found the perfect hassle-free pet option from Wild Creations
(Read More)

The Bragging Mommy

braggingbutton125x125_2.pngI have a huge ‘froggy’ fan in my house.  Little bug just can’t get enough of visiting “his” frogs at our local Aquarium.  So when Wild Creations said they were sending their Classic EcoAquarium Starter Kit for us to review I couldn’t wait to see bugs reaction....(Read More)

Jabbering Jessi

jabberingjessibuttoncopy.pngLooking for the perfect pet?  One that only needs occasional feeding and very minimal maintenance?WildCreations.com has the perfect pet for you, you can keep them at home or the office, Yes the office! WildCreations sent me one of these perfect pet set ups and it truly is the easiest, lowest maintenance pet we have ever had. (Read More)

Thanks Mail Carrier

thanksmc.pngBefore Big Sister E was born, my husband and I did what a lot of people do to fill up the post-married but pre-kids days: get a dog. A sweet, not-so-bright, lovable dog. He was my first baby and actually did a fairly good job preparing us for when we would have children - the feedings, the attention, the constant care. If we wanted to go out of town for a day, we had to set up babysitters... (Click for more)

Jolly Mom



All kids want a pet. The problem? Parents {ahem...most of the time the moms} end up taking care of them rather than the kids. That's why, in most cases, it's better to get a low maintenance pet. Traditionally, parents would go for a goldfish or something similar. How about a frog instead? The EcoAquarium by Wild Creationsmakes caring for frogs so easy a child can do it and...if they don't...it's an easy job for parents too!  (Click for More)

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